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The Mini Meltdown

Today is World Hunger Day!

I'll take that as an occasion to share with you a inspiring story of kindness.

Once, during the Covid Lockdown in Cape Town, the vehicle of Family Wagenaar – nowadays famous and loved as the colorful "Meltdown Mini", which is serving as a Memorial for Humanity now, has been burnt up in the middle of the night by some unknown adversary. After beeing crematored, she quietly emanated Love and Hope for many days as the Community came to glitter her up and give her a “Mini-Make-Over” to spread awareness. Most of us seem to forget these days, that not only disease are out there to fear, even closer to us is a bigger more terrifying enemy called Hunger.

Peter Wagenaar and his wife decided a few weeks before the Lockdown to get a permit to help the ones in need. They have taken care of the people in our Community who have been most vulnerable under the circumstances of the strict Lockdown, which is still in place. Despite the beginning of winter and the slowly deteriorating weather, he still continues to make sure everyone is getting a hot home cooked meal in their stomach. They also started to give out food parcels to Families and Individials without any income and the chance to earn money to get food.

We are facing a crisis that the country has never seen before and homeless people don’t have no shelter or the possibility of safe self-isolation and they do not wake up in the knowledge that there is enough food in the fridge.

The Mini with its “Make Over” attracted a lot of attention, and people from all over the City came to see the transformation and to respond to so much love. As days got colder more and more Capetonians realized how important help is, they came and brought something, they gave their own pieces of kindness and showed solidarity when most needed.

Books, pre-loved clothes, blankets and hygiene products have made their way from warm-hearted people to Peter and the Community, cause and unlike the fire that has been started by a few who obviously do not know the feeling of a starving stomach. This flame of love is one we intend to keep burning and I want to raise awareness about Peter and his story.

It is the best example that we are all able to make a difference, mostly we just need to start with a small gesture. One move made with compassion is enough to inspire others, together we can make a difference. Every life has value, everyone should have the possibility to discover the safe feeling of warm clothes on the skin and a full tummy, even though it is just for the moment it will make lives bearable.

Please visit Mini Meltdown for more Informations.

Hopefully we can keep that in mind as we bunk down in our warm homes, under cosy blankets, with hot coffees and our delicious food on the stove.

Sitting next to our loved ones, we should ask ourselves what really matters to us as Individuals and how important quality of life really is.

Let us be thankful for living the lives, so many people out there can only dream of.

Spare a thought today for those who do not have a roof over their heads to shield them from the harsh encroaching winter and for those who will remain nameless, or forgotten. Thanks to the big heart and even bigger guts of families like Peters.

Spread Love not Hate and remember to think for a second before judging someone without walking a mile in their shoes.

If we all start with something small today, we could make a big difference tomorrow.

Lots of love, Tina

Please visit Mini Meltdown for more Informations.

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