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101 Days of Lockdown, Cape Town ZA

Today as I woke up to the heavy and peaceful sounds of the winter rain, I took a minute to think about all that has happened during this time fully packed with change. Pandemic, Fear, Uncertainty. Lockdown.

101 Days of Death, Hope, Recovery. Rebirth, Growth, Trust.

We learned the lesson that the smallest thing can make a huge difference. How thin the invisible line between life and death is. That every single moment matters in its own unique way. How quick time flies.

It showed us how vulnerable we can become in the blink of an eye, and how quickly we can rebuild ourselves. How the world can change over night and that there is nothing we can do about it beside accept and flow. How beautiful it is to be fully aware that we are mortal. That we only have one life in this particular body. And that the only thing we really have is the choice of reaction to all of it.

We can pick between living in fear or with gratitude on our minds.

What does it feel like to be truly happy and grateful? Question your perspective, ask yourself what really matters in your life.

Today I choose to look back with appreciation for all the mixed days, with all the big and small obstacles, the up's and down's and the beauty in it. The Lessons. Which will last us a lifetime. The sudden hidden treasures.

We discovered new strength. Maybe, it has been there all along in the deepest corners of our souls, now forced to come out of the silent comfort.

This Lockdown taught us how strong we are.

Stronger together than divided. Together we can move mountains. No man is an island. You can never hurt without being hurt.

Love, trust and be grateful for each day.

Thank you Cape Town for the day and another opportunity for growth. A new chance to see and feel your beauty in its full glory.

With our lessons in mind we move on, day by day, step by step, trusting in the process of recovery.

To another 101 Days full of beauty and transformation.

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