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The Power of the Present

Aktualisiert: 15. Okt. 2022

Sometimes the things, which scares you the most, are the steps, it takes to finally set you free. Life moves on fast, hug your monsters. It is a short journey so go to your edges. Hug those fears, that once limitated your life.

There are moments when life takes you to places, you would have never expected to go.

But isn't Life exactly about that? Getting out of your comfort zone and just experience life in all possible ways?

To go and meet interesting people, to explore new cultures and to see what life looks like from another angle. Taste the traditional food and to never miss a good laugher with the locals, just be.

And maybe you land on a rock somewhere in Cape Town, and you have the ocean down to your feet, and you suddenly know that watching the waves and feeling the salty air on your skin is exactly what it needs, to be. To life the present instant. Appreciate and to let go. Just for the moment. Value every moment and never forget that nothing happens by accident, sometimes Life just leads you in strange directions to get you exacty where you need to be.

Warm greetings from a rock in Cape Town. Please remember, to enjoy the present.

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