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Be you, Unapologetically.

The more we know the heavier the burdens.

I always believed in my inner wisdom;

I have been building it over centuries.

But knowledge is not everything. I eternally trust more in my Intuition, it guided me through a lot.

In any case, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that I am free to choose my own path.

And this time,my journey on this earth is going to be all about Love, Joy, Wonder and Intuition.

About finding beauty in simplicity.

I was once asked why I am so calm deep within?

I simply embrace my complexity.

By not living in just one part of myself.

You need to know that Life is like a pendant, always swinging, it can not just stay on one side.

Life is both happiness and sadness.

freedom and also, sometimes, a huge cage.

Drowning in the deep as breathing on the surface. Abundance as poverty.

Darkness as bright daylight.

I dropped the knowledgeability and recovered my inner sense.

By fully trusting in the signs that the universe keeps on sending me.

In peoples' eyes, the nature, animals, the wind and whatever crosses my path.

As above so below, as within so without, I keep trusting.

Maybe because I am an old soul, passionate listener to the universe,

spirutal human being and on top of all, a woman.

And no matter what is going on, I can never ignore my basic needs for beauty,

joy ... and love.. topped with a bit of magic.

I have lost and loved, fought and cried myself to the person I am today.

I own every single step on my journey.

And I know that nothing could ever break me,

as everything that could happen to my body will never destroy my mind.

In my own depth I found freedom.

I stopped hiding my ocean under the surface.

To be myself in a world that has constantly tried to make me something else,

is the greatest fulfillment. It is total joy.

So I stay peaceful by being my authentic self.

Unpredictable as the ocean. Ever changing.

Believe me, you can't ignore parts of yourself and be happy.

So live to your fullest and allow every part to come out and see the stunning daylight.

Discover yourself to the deepest cores of your being.

Any way, let me ask you a final question, when was the last time you were truly happy?

Try to find happiness and love within yourself. A happiness, that is true and unchanging.

There are a lot of different circumstances and sometimes there are stormy days,

but whatever is going to happen, stay true to yourself and continue to flow in your own rythm.

The rythm of your heart.

Dive deep into the waters that most people are afraid to enter.

Life moves on fast, hug your monsters.

It is a short journey so go to your edges.

Hug those fears, that once limited your life.

Happiness requires a clear heartset.

Love yourself, always.

Meditate, dance, sing and go deeper and deeper into yourself.

Listen to the ocean, the birds, and of course to the wind with clear attention.

Discover the magic of a new day.

Look at the waves, with awe and wonder.

Let the wind blow around your hair, see what it relates to you, and just be.

Be in the purest state of mind, love.

Move in freedom, own your choices.

Be you. Unapologetically.

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